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Episode 1

Wind swept through his black hair. Viktor fell, and there was nothing that could save him from a deadly impact. Nevertheless, there was a smile on his face.
These last seconds didn’t feel like he suspected. He had feared this moment, all the reproaches and all the doubts … the regrets … and the last pain. But what Viktor now felt was neither dread nor fear but a feeling of relief; a pleasant release from all things. All fears and worries were gone; the problems of this world had vanished into nothingness. He was surprised, because he never thought that could be possible, but in that very moment he was just happy. And Victor enjoyed it and looked forward to his end. It was even more than he formally lusted for it. The tortured part of his soul was eagerly reaching for the white light that promised salvation. Although it felt strange, this feeling didn’t bother him at all. Why should he even care, in a blink of an eye everything would be over – endless peace and silence awaits him.
Victor opened his eyes; the floors raced past him and the ground was coming closer. For the last time in his life he saw the ruins of the city that he once loved so much. He would never forget their high towers and magnificent buildings, the green trees, the colorful flowers, its fresh smell in the morning and the cool breeze in the evening; and certainly not the many people who had made this city just perfect. But then the first bomb launched into the sky and when the last one dropped down, his love was collapsed to a black, moldy clump. His hatred for this ugly thing was not to describe with words. If he still had the strength to stand, he had preferred any other place. But now this thing, which he had once wasted his love to, would become his grave – a last, cruel joke.
Despite the madness in this world, there were still people with hope, with enough hope to stop others from their doings. Ironically, he had been one of those people. But even someone like him, who always looked for the good in this chaos, lost the meaning for his actions, when everyone else still died. In the end he was all alone, maybe not on this planet - perhaps not even in this city, but he knew how it would all end in the near future and although he disputed his own plan, he took himself the right not to be the last person who left this world. How could someone die with the knowledge, that with its own death, an entire world would end? Viktor wouldn’t be able to. Possible that he just was coward. All he wished for was a quick and painless death, because so many others he had seen: with a rope around the neck, a knife in the heart, a bullet in the head and pills in the stomach. But only a few of them died a quick death, most suffered over hours and days and the unfortunate ones, survived. Viktor didn’t want to end like this, neither miserable croak in these ugly ruins nor awaken again whit the fact that he had to suffer through this ordeal once again. The fall into the void seemed to be the right thing. It cost him only the effort to do it. Now there was no turn back, even if he wanted to. In a few seconds it would all be over and he would be nothing more than another, beyond recognition disfigured body, which adorns the empty streets of this endless graveyard.
His end was near, and last Viktor looked above. He saw a blue sky. The toxic clouds had disappeared and in their place white veil adorned the firmament. Even a bird was circling. Viktor thought of all the people in his life: which his love had, his friendship and his hatred. They had all been part of his life, gave him good and bad memories. He was grateful for every single one, because despite this outcome Victor had loved his life. Tears were in his eyes. A sunbeam gently stroked over his bruised skin – he smiled.

Nothing remained of the city expect for one last tower. His skeleton sticks high as a memorial up into the sky. A shadow fell floor by floor alongside the rotting colossus down to the ground. Fast and ever faster, and with a dull bang the body crashed. Bones broke; the skin burst, flesh and blood were literally pressed out of the body and went down with dirt and dust in an ugly, red mist.

Viktor's last thought: Goodbye...